Education is the food of youth, the delight of old age, the ornament of prosperity, the refuge and comfort of adversity, and the provocation to grace in the soul.
~ Saint Augustine

About Judah Catholic Academy

We’re thrilled to see you join this vibrant online education platform.

Connecting top notch Educators with student Explorers and their parents. All in a way that is consistent with the Faith and morals of the Catholic Church.

We invite you to hop in, have a look around, and join virtual hands with us as we explore the amazing world God has placed us in.

Our owners, Joshua and Marianne, bring a wealth of homeschool and online ed experience to the JCA platform but it is our top-notch online Educators that bring the goods

So join us. Share your knowledge, join our community, and explore all that God has entrusted to us.

Our Classes

Live Online Classes

Learn from your Educator live with other student Explorers. Ask questions and get individualized attention. It's traditional teaching through a modern medium.

Pre-Recorded Classes

Save money and explore new ideas anytime day or night. Our pre-recorded classes, taught by vetted JCA Educators, bring the same quality course content to you anytime you want it. Watch courses and take quizes right here at

Meet the Leadership Team

Joshua Rystedt

Co-Founder and Managing Owner

Joshua Rystedt is a homeschool grad and dad, former Protestant Youth Director, and Managing Owner of R Creative. His formal education in theology and years of nonprofit leadership have allowed R Creative to successfully lead nonprofits and churches to increased digital engagement. Joshua funded JCA’s launch in 2020 and currently serves as her Managing Owner. Joshua is the father of five children and founder of multiple businesses. You can usually find him reading an old book, playing with his children, or hanging at his favorite local brewery.

Marianne Murphy

Co-Owner and VP of Academic Affairs

Marianne Murphy is a certified math teacher with 22 years of classroom experience.  She has a M.Ed. In mathematics education. In addition, she has worked with homeschool students with a variety of abilities and ages over the last 30 years. Marianne and her husband Rhett have a five year daughter MeriGrace. In addition to teaching and tutoring, Marianne coaches ice skating, and enjoys photography, reading, and playing piano.