Understand the US Constitution

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Taught by Judah Catholic CEO and Chancellor Logan Jackson.

This course runs from April 5th to May 24th and meets once a week from 10am to 11am EST.

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Course Dates:

April: 5, 12, 19, 26

May: 3, 10, 17, 24

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Course Overview:

During this course, explorers will cover an overview of the Constitution. We will be doing this through easy to understand readings and activities. In this course, we will also be looking at the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches through the Constitution’s eyes. Through some activities, the explorers will get a much better understanding of the Constitution. Not only will they get a better experience, but the explorers will also get a better deal of the compromises and forethought needed for the creation of the Constitution. When finishing this course, the explorers will have a better understanding of how the government is to run and a much better experience of an essential document here in the United States.

Throughout this course, explorers are going to be able to the Birth of our Country until now. We see the creation of our government along with the Abolishment of Slavery women’s right to vote.


Understand the Constitution Class Schedule:

  • Week 1. Introduction and the Birth of the Constitution
    • Need for a New Constitution
    • Compromise
    • Separation of Power
    • The Organization of the Constitution and the Preamble


  • Week 2: The Legislative Branch
    • Introduction of the Legislative Branch
    • The House of Representatives
    • The Senate
    • Rule Rights and Privileges of Congress
    • How Bills become Laws
    • The Powers of Congress
    • Limits on Congress and the States


  • Week 3: The Executive Branch
    • Introduction of the Executive Branch
    • Powers and Duties of the President
    • Explanation of Impeachments
    • Organizations of the Executives Branch and the Cabinet


  • Week 4: The Judicial Branch
    • Organization of the Judicial Branch
    • Duties and Powers of the Supreme Court


  • Week 5: The Articles IV-VII
    • Article IV: The States
    • Article V: Amending the Constitution
    • Article VI and VII


  • Week 6: All Amendments
    • The Introduction to the Articles and the Amendments
    • The Bill of Rights 1791: Amendments I-III
    • The Bill Of Rights 1791: Amendments IV-VI
    • The Bill of Rights 1791: Amendments VII-X
    • The Bill of Rights 1798-1870: Amendments XI-XV
    • The Bill of Rights 1900-1950: Amendments XVI-XXI
    • The Bill of Rights 1950-Present: Amendments XXII-XXVII


  • Week 7: A review and activities


  • Week 8 The Constitution Test


Required Materials:

Understanding the U.S. Constitution by Mark Twain Media/ Carson-Dellosa Publishing LLC

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