Our Vision for Judah Catholic’s Catholic Explorers is one of great expectations!  I want the Explorers at JCA to shine and, when compared to students in public schools, show that homeschooled students can be just as ready and qualified to face the world when they finish at JCA.

At JCA we are going to ensure that you are prepared for the real world from day one.  We are going to equip you for the next chapter in your life.  Whether it is jr. high school, high school or college, students will be challenged in every class along the way. Educators are going to hold you to a high standard.  It may be tough at times, but it will be for your benefit and to make you a stronger student. You will learn to work hard for that A!  If you get a lower grade than expected, don’t give up. Press on harder, work with your teachers. Overcoming hardships will be a lifelong lesson that will serve you well.

What will set JCA apart from other online schools?  I am asking that our educators be available for you, the Explorer, to be able to answer questions and offer clarification.  Sort of like office hours.  Each educator will set his or her own office hours.  So, if you find yourself struggling a bit, reach out to your educator via email or however your class is set up to communicate. In other words, don’t wait til the end of the course to discover your grade isn’t what you hoped for.  Be proactive and let your teachers assist you!

Joshua Rystedt

Joshua Rystedt is the Co-Founder and Managing Owner of Judah Catholic Academy, a homeschool grad and dad, and former Protestant Youth Director. His formal education in theology and years of nonprofit leadership have allowed R Creative to successfully lead nonprofits and churches to increased digital engagement. Joshua funded JCA’s launch in 2020 and currently serves as her Managing Owner. Joshua is the father of five children and founder of multiple businesses. You can usually find him reading an old book, playing with his children, or hanging at his favorite local brewery. "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible." ~ St. Francis of Assisi

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