Since the unprecedented school shutdowns of 2020, Americans have learned so much about how to harness technology to educate our kids. Parents have made many sacrifices to ensure their kids get educated, whether to guide them along as their school attempted all-virtual classes, or to take the reins themselves with homeschooling. As a nation, we have realized two things: online school is an incredible tool and homeschooling is no joke. 

At Judah Catholic Academy, we are helping families take advantage of all the benefits of online learning, whether for all or part of their child’s learning experience. The following article breaks down the benefits of online learning for both kids and parents. 

For kids

Judah Catholic Academy was started in response to these unprecedented times, and we wholeheartedly believe that online school– done well– can be the best option for kids. Some benefits of online school include: 

  • Self-paced (or simply better-paced) environments for different learning styles
  • Tailored curriculum for kids’ interests 
  • Increased proficiency with computers and technology 
  • Convenient learning environment — wherever there’s Wi-Fi!  
  • Parental involvement and assistance is up to you as the parent
  • Quality education no matter the location 

These are some of the general benefits of online schooling, but for Judah Catholic Academy students specifically, children will also be getting tons of attention from a quality instructor who is teaching material through a thoroughly Catholic lens. All of the benefits of online learning, in addition to having material and instructors who align with them spiritually and morally, are available for your kids.

For parents

For homeschooling parents, the reality is that homeschooling takes as much time, effort, energy, planning, caring, wondering, troubleshooting (and the list goes on…) as you are able to give. Outsourcing some of the subjects or classes can take a lot of pressure off you as a teacher. You might find that you’re not an expert or well-versed in a certain subject, or that others would do a better job at teaching a certain subject. In some cases, you might discover that your child would be more receptive to another person teaching a certain subject. At the very least, reducing the amount of material you are responsible for teaching can make you a better instructor of the material you are solely responsible for teaching. 

Using online school for part or all of your child’s learning gives flexibility to homeschooling or working parents who want to ensure their child is getting a quality education while keeping general control over their schedule. If you want to take the kids away for a week, visit family, or take a road trip (talk about an educational experience!), kids can continue learning with no real disruption. 

Judah Catholic Academy specifically offers courses that parents can be confident are valuable, interesting, and aligned with their beliefs. 

Hybrid online learning with live and on-demand courses 

For homeschooling families, outsourcing some learning can be difficult. While there are lots of options, it is often hard to find many that are high-quality, Catholic-aligned, or that offer a hybrid accommodation.

Judah Catholic Academy offers both live and on-demand courses– either virtual classrooms that meet at specific times with a set schedule, or at-your-own-pace, pre-recorded classes, providing maximum flexibility. 
See our course catalogue for more information on our ever-growing offering of á la carte courses.

Joshua Rystedt

Joshua Rystedt is the Co-Founder and Managing Owner of Judah Catholic Academy, a homeschool grad and dad, and former Protestant Youth Director. His formal education in theology and years of nonprofit leadership have allowed R Creative to successfully lead nonprofits and churches to increased digital engagement. Joshua funded JCA’s launch in 2020 and currently serves as her Managing Owner. Joshua is the father of five children and founder of multiple businesses. You can usually find him reading an old book, playing with his children, or hanging at his favorite local brewery. "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible." ~ St. Francis of Assisi

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